Burgee Vessel Safety Check 100th


Minimize the loss of life, personal injury, property damage and environmental impact while maximizing the safe use and enjoyment of U.S. waterways by recreational boaters. The Vessel Safety Check process is one of “prevention through education, outreach and volunteer compliance” helping recreational boaters to gain a respect for the boating environment.

The VSC Program also helps to achieve voluntary compliance with federal and state recreational boating safety laws, particularly with regard to the carriage of safety equipment while raising boater awareness about safety and environmental issues through voluntary contact by a Vessel Examiner (VE). VE discussions with recreational boaters is designed to motivate maintaining and operating their boats in a safe manner, taking boating safety courses to increase their knowledge and skills in boating, and promoting safe boating.

Schedule a Vessell Safety Check by sending an email to . Please tell us the type of boat you have and give us contact information or call your local examiner from the list bellow.

P/C Robert Rutigliano, N

Name Phone Location
Lt/C Tom Courtney, AP 407-276-6893 Merritt Island
Charles L. DODDS, Jr., SN 321-795-7882 Melbourne
Cdr John FitzGerald, JN   West Melbourne
P/C Louis F. HARLOW, N 321-243-4869 Merritt Island
P/C Gerard MEUNIER, SN 321-305-6599 Merritt Island
P/C Albert J. PAPPAS, SN 321-777-2460 Satellite Beach
Ronald L. RAPHAEL, S 321-635-9189 Cocoa
P/C Robert D. (Bob) RUTIGLIANO, N 321-514-0753 Cocoa
Lt/C George Shapow, AP 585-738-0437 Merritt Island
Judy Shapow 585-738-0437 Merritt Island
Lt Gerry Peppen, AP 612-702-2882 Orlando
Twila Nahama, JN 443-676-9750 Melbourne Beach
1/LT Charlie Dinkey, P 720-219-0138 Merritt Island


We promote recreational boating safety through education and civic activities.